Viburnum Compacta
Viburnum opulus compactum

Family: Caprifoliaceae

Trilobate leaves (generally) with pointed and roughly indented lobes, hairy underneath; smooth angular branches.
Flattened inflorescences of 5-10 cm
diameter, made up of white flowers.
Globose, shiny red fruits.
A more compact habit than the Viburno Opulus

Unit of sale (bunch):
by weight: 1/2 kg; also stem: in tens

by weight: only top quality specimens are packed; by stem: selected by length

Availability: ​August-October

Post-harvest life: mediun-long in water
Graglia Fiori di Graglia Cesare & C. s.a.s. 
Via Argine Sinistro reg. Ponti
18018 Taggia (Im)
P.Iva: IT00895450088

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