Cypripedium Insigne

Paphiopedilum x hybrida

Family Orchidaceae
Small ground plants with elongated green leaves gathered together into tufts. The solitary flowers, which are larger than in P. Insigne, consist of 6 tepals, 3 external and 3 internal. Two of the external tepals are joined together to form the vexillum and one of the internal tepals forms the labellum, creating the typical “slipper” shape.

Different colours on same flower, in various shades (green, white, yellow, brown, red, dark-red).

Harvesting stage:
When the flower is well open and completely formed.

Unit of sale (Bunch):
Individual blooms; 10/20 packed in a box.

Post-harvest life: 
25 - 30 days.

Storage at low temperature:
Not recommended.
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