Carnation Spray

Dianthus caryophyllus

Family Caryophyllaceae
Plant with elongated semi-woody stems, shortened internodes and semi-prostrate growth.
Narrow, pointed, sessile, waxy greyish leaves spring from the nodes. The cup-shaped, gamosepalous flowers with numerous petals with showy, rounded and sometimes fringed edges,are smaller than in standard
varieties and are gathered in sparse clusters
borne on theends of stems.

White, yellow, orange, pink, red, lilac, violet, cyclamine. These colours may come in different shades. There are also variegated andtwo-colour varieties.

Harvesting stage: 
When at least three flowers are fully formed and half open.

Unit of sale (Bunch):
In tens. 5 tens form a single bunch.

Post-harvest life:
10-15 days.

Storage at low temperature‚Äč: Recommended.
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