Graglia Fiori di Graglia Cesare & C. s.a.s. Via Argine Sinistro reg. Ponti 18018 Taggia (IM) P.IVA: IT00895450088 (+39) 0184/478197

About Us

Graglia Fiori is a dynamic firm whose name has become synonymous with quality and reliability due to the dedication and high quality standards the company has set for its products and employees.

At present, Graglia Fiori offers a complete range of flowers and ornamental green foliage in the Northern European market, the United States, Japan and Canada.

In addition to the products grown on our own farms of over 25,000 meters, we export all products grown in the Sanremo area. We take pride in providing all our customers with the highest quality products. At Graglia Fiori, our customers are our partners and customer service and satisfaction are our priority.

Graglia Fiori is situated just outside Sanremo, Italyโ€™s most important flower market. Nice and Milan airports are easily reached with our own refrigerated trucks; we ship daily to all destinations giving you, our valued customer, fresh from the field, just picked flowers. Inaddition to the highest standards of grading, we at Graglia Fiori guarantee the freshness of our products.